Are you Urhobo? Are you concerned and passionate about the disheartened state of the economy and investment opportunities in Urhobo Land?

This is your chance to contribute to the public discussion on the amelioration of the shortfalls; and support achievable solutions towards the advancement of the economy and investment opportunities in Urhobo land.

Join and Support the Urhobo Economic and Investment Summit which comes up on 18th October 2018, at Wellington Hotel, Effurun Delta State.

The event is geared towards a policy dialogue on issues that limit the development of the Urhobo economy. It promises to end with the formalised commitments by participants across governments and private sector who operate in Urhobo land.

The progress of Urhobo land is our priority. Support platforms that prioritise the advancement of all that concerns the Urhobo Nation. Show your support registering as participant or secure an exhibition stand via:

Your registration and participation, as well as the exhibition of your products/services will be definitive in the success of the event.


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